Problems of the German-American Claims Commission

Problems of the German-American Claims Commission

Problems of the German-American Claims Commission

Problems of the German-American Claims Commission


The present volume is a translation of the first part of Probleme und Entscheidungen der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Schadens-Commission (Problems and Decisions of the German-American Mixed Claims Commission), which was published in 1927 in Mannheim, Germany, from the pen of Dr. Wilhelm Kiesselbach, the German member of the Commission. The decisions of the Commission which constitute the second part of the German volume are accessible in their original language to American and English readers in Mixed Claims Commission (United States and Germany), Administrative Decisions and Opinions of a General Nature and Opinions in Individual Lusitania Claims and other Cases (Washington, Government Printing Office), and the citations in this volume are to that text.

Judge Kiesselbach's discussion of the problems of the Commission is very valuable not only for the German readers for whom it was written, but also for American readers by reason of its presentation of a carefully reasoned German estimate of the Commission's labors and of the American point of view. His faith in the upright spirit of the eminent umpire, the late Judge Edwin B. Parker, a Trustee of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, "who was constantly animated by a meticulous striving for impartiality," was never shaken by the disappointments which "awaited the Germans, whose representatives were called upon to defend the rights of a vanquished people in a foreign atmosphere and against foreign conceptions of law."

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace regards it as a privilege to lay before the reading public of the United States an example of the way in which arbitration in time of peace, through arbiters pervaded with the spirit of fairness, very satisfactorily adjusts the damages of war in accordance with the principles of justice.


Director of the Division of International Law.


January 20, 1930.

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