The Other Price of Hitler's War: German Military and Civilian Losses Resulting from World War II


"In this important book, the German-born author has detailed German deaths in WW II, civilian and military, because he feels there is an inadequate knowledge in the English-speaking world of Germany's losses. His compilation includes those lost in the regular ground forces, the navy, the air force, the special forces; deaths inflicted by partisans; prisoner-of-war deaths; losses among the civilian population; and those who died resisting Hitler. Final chapters cover the deaths of German women raped by Soviet troops; deaths of Germans who fled westward escaping Russian armies; those expelled from East German territories; and those executed after war crimes trials. Sorge's book is a massive, somber summation of the price Germans paid for fighting Hitler's war... this book ought to be in every collection on the history of WW II." - Choice

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