Essential Principles of Communications Law

Essential Principles of Communications Law

Essential Principles of Communications Law

Essential Principles of Communications Law


Lively's in-depth study of communications law clarifies the basic principles that comprise the law and provides a thorough survey of "the press" as it was originally outlined in the Constitution and how its profile has changed due to the sophisticated nature of today's media. Lively reviews the concepts that formed the groundwork for the law, examines the history of the regulation of the communications industry, evaluates the guidelines that have developed regarding the content of accessible information, and discerns trends in ownership of information sources.


The coursing of the law in general, as Justice Holmes once observed, is a function of logic and experience. Communications law, as a discrete body of legislative enactment, administrative regulation, and constitutional and statutory jurisprudence, reflects logic and experience that are especially fluid and reactive to new and rapidly evolving realities. the quickening and consequences of technology have generated media forms and legal issues that were barely conceivable when the twentieth century commenced, much less when the First Amendment was formulated.

Given an area of law so susceptible to continuous and even sudden redefinition, many textbooks that have occupied the field increasingly risk obsolescence. a primary aim of this book is to facilitate the study of communications law in the most comprehensive and contemporary sense. Coverage includes not only a focus upon print and broadcasting but extensive treatment of cable and unprecedented attention to common carriage.

As its title suggests, the book is intended to relate basic concepts and principles. Notwithstanding that fundamental aim, the text comprises materials carefully chosen to afford opportunity for in-depth discussion and sophisticated understanding of significant themes and topics.

A work of this nature, although attributed to the author, reflects the cumulative influences of some excellent teachers and colleagues in the academic world, some thoughtful practitioners in the professional world, and some insightful friends, acquaintances, and family in the real world. the research assistance of Barbara McCalla and Esther Jacobo-Rubio . . .

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