Sandy Patch: A Biography of Lt. Gen. Alexander M. Patch

Sandy Patch: A Biography of Lt. Gen. Alexander M. Patch

Sandy Patch: A Biography of Lt. Gen. Alexander M. Patch

Sandy Patch: A Biography of Lt. Gen. Alexander M. Patch


This is the first biography of one of the most important and yet least well-known American leaders of World War II, Sandy Patch, the Seventh Army commander who led his troops to victory at Guadalcanal and made a vital contribution to Allied successes in Europe in 1944-1945. Written by a veteran journalist and former staff officer who served under General Patch in the Pacific and Europe, it offers an intimate account of the general's life, personality, and style of command as well as detailed histories of the military campaigns in which he played a vital role.


In the large and still-growing body of literature covering the military operations of World War II, a very small portion indeed concerns the little-known, but of World successful Allied amphibious landing on the southern coast of France. This operation took place in mid-August 1944 and was known as ANVIL/ DRAGOON.

Also obscure to most students of the period is any definitive picture of the commander of this invasion force and of the U.S. Seventh Army throughout the war, General Alexander M. Patch. His modest and unassuming manner resulted in an extremely low profile and a lack of awareness of the truly outstanding achievements of his forces.

The readers of this volume are most fortunate because the author, William K. Wyant, enjoys a qualification almost unique among historians--he was there!

Not only was he there, but in his position as secretary of the Seventh Army general staff, he was able to observe at close range the entire scope of the campaigns, as well as the planning and negotiations that preceded them. He also observed from close range his commander, General Patch, and his staff, as well as the other senior commanders who were involved.

Thus I recommend this factual, well-written book, not only to the aging veterans of ANVIL/DRAGOON, but also to anyone seriously interested in what really happened behind the scenes in those stirring days.

John S. Guthrie Major General U.S. Army (Ret.) . . .

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