Children and Criminality: The Child as Victim and Perpetrator

Children and Criminality: The Child as Victim and Perpetrator

Children and Criminality: The Child as Victim and Perpetrator

Children and Criminality: The Child as Victim and Perpetrator


Flowers provides an understanding of the relationship between child victimization and juvenile delinquency as well as a comprehensive review of the literature. Assessing the effectiveness of present conceptual frameworks, modes of research, and social and legal measures, he offers recommendations for furthering professional and research efforts in the field.


This book, the first of a four-volume set, seeks to add new depth and understanding to the study of criminality by showing how crime relates to society at large. The volumes cover children and criminality, women and criminality, minorities and criminality, and demographics and criminality.

Although a number of books have been written over the years in the field of criminology, none has provided such a diverse and comprehensive study of the correlation between crime and the particular elements that affect or influence it. Many of these factors have been largely ignored on their own merits, misunderstood, and, in some instances, scarcely acknowledged as significant in the study of crime. The aim of this multivolume work is to bridge the gap in the exploration of criminology, criminal justice, and victimology.

The four-volume set has been designed for professional audiences and students not only in the fields of criminology and criminal justice but also in related disciplines such as psychology, psychiatry, and sociology.

Volume 1, Children and Criminality, examines children and their relationship to crime, breaking new ground in studying the child as both victim and offender. The study explores the subject in historical and contemporary terms, the literature, and various approaches to this phenomenon. The volume provides an in-depth study of the extent of the problem, epidemiological and etiological features, causal and theoretical models, social and psychological studies, the impact of family violence on children, a statistical examination, implications of theory and social action, and the outlook for the future.

Volume 2, Women and Criminality, is an in-depth investigation of the multifaceted role of the woman in the areas of criminology and criminal justice. The study presents a unique and comprehensive view of the . . .

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