Readings for Strategies and Tactics of Behavioral Research

Readings for Strategies and Tactics of Behavioral Research

Readings for Strategies and Tactics of Behavioral Research

Readings for Strategies and Tactics of Behavioral Research


The readings featured in this volume are compiled from the authors' previously published papers and chapters, as well as newly written materials. At a more advanced level, the readings address certain specialized topics. However, these readings are thematically consistent with the chapters in the companion volume, making them especially suitable as supplementary material.

Together with its companion volume, it provides an integrated and coherent account of how to study behavior. Most topics treated in traditional research methods texts are covered in detail, with particular reference to behavior as a subject matter. However, the work is distinctive from other texts in that its topics are organized not around inferential statistical methods, but the needs of a behavioral subject matter and the goal of bringing the researcher's behavior under its control. This approach closely integrates each new chapter with previous chapters, and the result is especially intuitive for students.


The Preface of Strategies and Tactics of Behavioral Research explains our approach to this revision. Strategies and Tactics provides a basic treatment of the topic suitable for a wide range of students. In order to do this, certain specialized and advanced material covered in the original work had to be set aside. Points that could be satisfactorily treated in a few paragraphs were moved to supplementary boxes. In other cases, however, the material at issue was chapter length but warranted continued availability. Three such chapters are included in Readings for Strategies and Tactics of Behavioral Research.

Since writing the first edition, we have also published a number of papers and chapters concerning behavioral research methods. Although these publications are otherwise available, bringing them together in a single volume allows them to augment students' mastery of Strategies and Tactics. Furthermore, we had accumulated a number of methodological papers that had not yet been published (or, in some cases, finished), and these are included to broaden the coverage of this volume.

The 13 readings are primarily intended to serve a supplementary function for readers of Strategies and Tactics. Although they are organized under the Strategies and Tactics part headings, they cannot by themselves present a coherent picture of behavioral research methods. Furthermore, although each reading is related to some chapters in the first volume more directly than to others (e.g., the discussion of probability in Reading 5 clearly follows chapter 5 on dimensional quantities and units), each chapter does not have an associated reading, and some readings are directly related to multiple chapters.

Those readings that have already been published have been revised in minor ways. Some changes were literary in nature, mostly breaking up long paragraphs and editing awkward phraseology. Occasionally, a phrase was rewritten to make a point more or less conservatively than in the original, although we avoided the tempting opportunity to revise arguments. Other changes were . . .

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