Baseball Economics: Current Research

Baseball Economics: Current Research

Baseball Economics: Current Research

Baseball Economics: Current Research


This collection of contributions by 14 professional economists analyzes the current economic issues in major league baseball. Most of these issues are related to the recent disputes between owners and players over a collective bargaining agreement and between large-market and small-market owners over revenue sharing. Issues addressed include the impact of the construction of new stadiums and racial discrimination on attendance. In addition, players' salaries, free agency, cost of player development, and arbitration are discussed.


This book is a collection of chapters that address key problems confronting the baseball industry. Many of these problems surfaced during the stalemated negotiations between the owners and the players in 1994-95. Despite the termination of the eight-month strike, major league baseball continued to operate without a collective bargaining agreement during the entire 1995 season. Our book provides insights into how this impasse was reached and perhaps a crystal ball to project the future of the baseball industry.

The genesis of this book was the 1995 meeting of the Western Economic Association in San Diego where a number of economists congregated to analyze and discuss baseball economics. These economists represented universities and research corporations from across the nation. Discussion pointed to the obvious need for a book containing the latest in baseball economics research. Everyone recognized that baseball is going through a tumultuous period and that many of the current economic problems facing baseball have received minimal attention. Those economists who presented and discussed papers in San Diego are the main contributors to this book.

We thank the authors for their contributions and their willingness to make prompt revisions. We also acknowledge the assistance of John Weiler and Kevin Gladish of the Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Dayton, Jim Ice and Norine Mudrick of the Greenwood Publishing Group and Kathy Mauro for her editorial assistance. Finally, we thank Sue Pennington whose skill, patience, and diligence were invaluable in bringing this book to fruition.

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