Resources for the Teaching of Anthropology


There is a dearth of information on anthropology courses and teachers and on books and visual aids helpful in teaching anthropology. The present volume gives some information on these matters. The material is of several sorts, and different chapters will prove of interest to different individuals. Thus, a person responsible for classroom teaching may be interested in teaching aids (Chapter V) and how to use them (Chapter IV) and in lists of books relating to the subjects he teaches which the college library should have (Chapter VII). Those responsible for development of the department of anthropology, whether they are experienced members of the department or college administrators, may well be interested in the status and trends in anthropology teaching (Chapters I and II), as well as in the building of a library (Chapter VI) and personnel problems (Chapter III). Finally, those concerned about the profession more generally, whether officers of professional societies or ordinary members, may find reasons to consult all the chapters, for the prospects for jobs in anthropology, the status of teaching of the subject, and the availability of books and teaching aids are all pertinent to the development of the discipline and its institutions.

The survey of college catalogs (Chapter I) provided an opportunity to enumerate changes in courses during the decade since Erminie Wheeler-Voegelin (1950) made her study. Few government publications give separate statistics for anthropology, but data from the U.S. Department of Education on earned degrees in anthropology are included and analyzed in Chapter I.

Chapter II deals with enrollments and staff in anthropology courses in the State of California. Comparable data for the rest of the country . . .

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Includes content by:
  • Gabriel W. Lasker
  • Harold Nelson
  • Ralph L. Beals
  • Ray L. Birdwhistell
  • John Howland Rowe
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Menasha, WI
Publication year:
  • 1963


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