Images, Miracles, and Authority in Asian Religious Traditions


In this edited volume, Richard Davis & his colleagues examine how religious images are understood by practitioners in Asia & what social, cultural, & political aspects are connected to the "miracles" associated with these images. Unlike previous works on images in Asia, this book significantly expands the inquiry to include not only Hindu images but Jain & Buddhist images as well & moves beyond India to also look at examples in China & Japan. This important contribution to Asian studies & to the comparative study of religion should interest not only scholars of Asian religious texts but also students of Asian art history, architecture, & archaeology. Contents: Introduction: Miracles as Social Acts, Richard H. Davis. Expected Miracles: The Unsurprisingly Miraculous Nature of Buddhist Images & Relics, Robert L. Brown. The Miraculous Buddha Image: Portrait, God, or Object? R. L. Brown. Divine Delicacies: Monks, Images, & Miracles in the Contest between Jainism & Buddhism, Phyllis Granoff. Miraculous Abhiseka: Miracle & Authority in a South Indian Non-brahmin Lineage, K. I. Koppedrayer. The Jina Bleeds: Threats to the Faith & the Rescue of the Faithful in Medieval Jain Stories, P. Granoff. Changing Roles for Miraculous Images in Medieval Chinese Buddhism: A Study of the Miracle Image Section in Daoxuan's Ji shenzhou, Koichi Shinohara. Dynastic Politics & Miraculous Images: The Example of Zhuli (544-623) of the Changlesi Temple in Yangzhou, K. Shinohara. The Relication of Miraculous Icons: The Zenkoji Amida Triad & the Seiryoji Shaka, Donald F. McCallum.

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • Robert L. Brown
  • Phyllis Granoff
  • K. I. Koppedrayer
  • Koichi Shinohara
  • Donald F. McCallum
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Boulder, CO
Publication year:
  • 1998


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