Against the Conventional Wisdom: A Primer for Current Economic Controversies and Proposals


For the past twenty-five years, the United States has undergone a retrogression in its socioeconomic policies-facilitated & supported by most economists-thanks to the steady drumbeat of arguments by entrepreneurs & politicians who celebrate the free market for anything & everything & who advocate, among other follies, balanced budgets & reduced social expenditures. Against the Conventional Wisdom is a rallying cry against this stampede. It seeks to provide an analytical counterattack, showing that what has become "common sense" is not good sense economically or socially; is neither necessary nor desirable; & will deepen existing troubles, not resolve them. Contents: Myths & Realities of the Free Market. Fiscal Policy. International Production, Trade, & Finance. Jobs & Joblessness. Income & Wealth & Power & Poverty. Welfare & Social Security. Health, Education, & Housing. Environmental Deterioration. Expenditures on the Military & Crime. Needs & Possibilities.

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