Laser Satellite Communication: The Third Generation

Laser Satellite Communication: The Third Generation

Laser Satellite Communication: The Third Generation

Laser Satellite Communication: The Third Generation


This introduction to the next generation of human telecommunications enterprise examines the development of laser satellite communications and describes its advantages over previous technologies. It looks at the development of the technology and the industry through wired and wireless media and presents the vision, promise, and challenges of free-space lasers. The book balances its focused consideration of the telecommunications industry and markets with practical thoughts on creating a business involved in the introduction of commercial laser satellite communications systems. Scholars, investors, venture capitalists, policy makers, and corporate leaders will find this to be a comprehensive and eye-opening bridge between the existing telecommunications industry and the opportunities of the next generation.


This is not a book about lasers, about satellites, or about communications. Neither is it a book about business or regulation or the market. It is a book about the unique and powerful relationship between them and the three bodies of science that have been the most salient features of the global human telecommunications enterprise in our lifetimes: the third generation.

The first part of this book is a pseudoscientific, semicommercial essay about what laser satellite communication is and what the third generation means to the human telecommunication enterprise. After reviewing the respective states of the satellite industry and the telecommunications industry, the authors offer one concept, of many possible notions, for realizing the promises of the laser satellite communication vision.

Laser satellite communication promises to change our world at least as profoundly as did the nineteenth-century industrial revolution and the twentiethcentury electronics revolution. Industrial automation and consumer electronics reduced prices, expanded selection, and created novel and different kinds of productive work that summoned people to new jobs in the cities. Laser satellite communication expands those revolutions to a global scale, energizes an efficient world economy, and brings both jobs and careers to people wherever they prefer to live. A powerful part of the promise of laser satellite communication is the market equality of symmetric, real-time information, which can close the widening technology gap between the emerging countries struggling to build obsolete smokestack industries and the advanced cultures of the information-age.

For those of us who happen to live in the "developed" world, lasers, satellites, and telecommunications are so common that we rarely think deeply about them separately, and most of us have probably never thought about all three together. For most of us, lasers are futuristic medical devices, novel toys, or frictionless mechanisms to play music; satellites are used by governments for . . .

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