Political Discourses in African Thought: 1860 to the Present


Boele van Hensbroek provides in-depth discussions of the most important African political discourses of the last 150 years. He reveals a fascinating world of ideas, from the great 19th century theorists, such as Edward Blyden and Africanus Horton, to prominent nationalists, such as Kwame Nkrumah and Amilcar Cabral, and to contemporary African intellectuals. The comprehensive African history of ideas reveals that particular styles of political reasoning recur which can be reconstructed as three consistent "models" of thought. Finally, the historical insight and philosophical analysis of models of thought allow for a well-informed critical inventory of African political thought at the close of the 20th century.

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Westport, CT
Publication year:
  • 1999


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