Stereotypes of Women in Power: Historical Perspectives and Revisionist Views


How have women, at different times and in different places, been perceived when they cross the gender-coded boundaries between the public and private realms? This broad-ranging study of the continuing ambivalence toward women in positions of power and authority describes "domineering dowagers," witches, and "scheming concubines" in ancient, medieval, and modern days in ancient Egypt, Rome, Byzantium, China, medieval Europe, the Victorian era, and today. This sourcebook also offers coverage of the political representation of women in various cultures and historical periods.

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • V. G. Callender
  • Tom Hillard
  • Amy Richlin
  • Pauline Allen
  • Margaret Clunies Ross
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 1992


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