Interactive Counseling

Interactive Counseling

Interactive Counseling

Interactive Counseling


"Schoenberg and Preston have written a timely book extolling the virtues of a psychological as opposed to medical model of counseling and psychotherapy. In essence the book extends the humanistic orientation of Carl Rogers as expanded by Robert Carkhuff and others and offers that orientation as the general and organizing principle for all forms of treatment of emotionally troubled people.... This reviewer recommends the publication as a corrective to the current biological bias and suggests its inclusion in academic libraries." - Choice


This text on interactive counseling has been written both for the mental health professional and as background reading for those lay persons who are confused, possibly angered, by the seemingly endless number of contradictions inherent in the mental health establishment.

Throughout the text the term interactive is used to describe a particular approach to counseling style. Regardless of innovation or emphasis, the first concern in counseling is for quality in interacting with the client. There has to be mutual caring: the client unable to relate in a positive manner to the counselor must seek out another counselor; the counselor unable to relate in a positive manner with the client must refer. This principle is axiomatic.

The counselor, not the client, has the training and the experience. Therefore, it is the counselor who initially bears full responsibility for creating the optimum conditions for counseling. Clearly this is not intended as a suggestion that the counselor must be a rigid authoritarian, nor does it mean that the ultimate success or failure of counseling depends completely on the skills of the counselor. in this regard counseling is much like the parental role in child rearing: total responsibility at the outset with relaxation of controls as time passes.

The basic problem in writing about either counseling or mental health is one of definition. in other words, what is counseling? Indeed, what is mental health? Clearly the answer to either question determines not only what one writes, but the manner in which the material is presented as well.

Counseling is a profession with roots that are multidisciplinary. Although . . .

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