Energy Resources Development: Politics and Policies


Figures Tables Preface Introduction by Richard L. Ender and John Choon Kim Part I: Energy Policy in the Global and National Political Context The Petro-Political Cycle by Ernest J. Wilson Energy Policy and the Economy by John L. Carmichael, Jr. The Role of Congress in Energy Policy by Henry C. Kenski and Milo Mecham The Making of Synfuels Policy as an "Ambivalent-Majoritarian" Response by Mohammed E. Ahrari Part II: Energy Policy in the Economic Context U.S. Petroleum Dependency and Oil Price Decontrol by Francis W. Hoole and Jeffrey A. Hart The Economics of Severance Taxes by Albert L. Danielsen and Phillip A. Cartwright Part III: Energy Policy in the Intergovernmental Context The Development of Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Resources by G. Kevin Jones Intergovernmental Relations and the Leasing of Federal Lands for Energy Production: The Case of Off-Shore Oil and Gas in the State of Texas by Charles F. Cnudde Alaska's Energy Resources Development: Policy and Issues by John Choon Kim and Richard L. Ender Part IV: The Alternative Energy Debate Developing an Energy Alternative by Robert A. Solo Energy Planning Alternatives: The Changing Complexion of Barriers and Incentives by Van Robert Johnson and Maxine Kurtz Part V: The Nuclear Power Debate Decentralization of the Nuclear Power Debate by Lettie McSpadden Wenner Part VI: Energy in the Consumer Behavior Context Application of Consumer Psychology to Energy Policy Incentives by Robert E. Pitts The Political Economy of Consumer Energy Subsidies by Drew Hyman with Michael Wadsworth and David Alexander Part VII: Energy Policy: Implementation Implementing the 1977 Coal Act: A Field Level View by Donald C. Menzel and David M. Hedge Index About the Contributors

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  • John Choon Kim
  • Ernest J. Wilson
  • Henry C. Kenski
  • Milo Mecham
  • Mohammed E. Ahrari
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  • New York
Publication year:
  • 1987


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