Minorities and Criminality

Minorities and Criminality

Minorities and Criminality

Minorities and Criminality


." . . Minorities and Criminality provides a cameo of valuable information about the relationship between minority status and criminality and the interaction of minorities with the criminal justice system. . . . A key strength of this book is that it provides a great deal of insight into the proclivities of different minority groups to engage in different types of criminal behavior. . . . This book would make an excellent source for persons newly becoming acquainted with the nature, scope, and dynamics of minority crime and victimization." Criminal Justice Review


This book, the third in a four-volume set, explores key issues in criminality as they relate to minority members of our society. the entire set reflects an increasing need for greater knowledge and understanding of the dynamics that embody crime, criminals, victims, criminal justice, and injustice. To this end, the examination in this series addresses crime and its relationship to children, women, minorities, and demography.

Although many books have been written in the fields of criminology, criminal justice, sociology, and victimology, none has provided in one set such a diverse and comprehensive study of those particular elements most influenced by these disciplines. This study is long overdue and collectively very much neglected by other researchers. Hence the aim of this multivolume exploration is to bridge the gap that exists in research on these topics and provide a lead for others to follow for further study.

The four-volume set has been designed for professional audiences, scholars, and students pursuing studies in criminology, criminal justice, law, psychology, racial and ethnic studies, victimology, and related disciplines. the volumes were written also with a general readership of concerned citizens in mind who, in a world fraught with complexities, seek to become more informed on issues that affect all of us.

Volume 3, Minorities and Criminality, examines the relationship between being a minority member of American society and involvement in crime and victim-related issues. It explores the historical mistreatment of minority groups, current trends in victimization, patterns in criminal behavior, arrest and imprisonment among minority members . . .

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