Cross-Cultural Analysis of Values and Political Economy Issues

Cross-Cultural Analysis of Values and Political Economy Issues

Cross-Cultural Analysis of Values and Political Economy Issues

Cross-Cultural Analysis of Values and Political Economy Issues


This review of the literature dealing with management in business in selected countries, and how management is affected by the culture and values of that country attempts to establish a baseline and methodology for developing further empirical studies. The contributors are selected from professional economists and sociologists from the countries discussed. The first part of the work deals with definition of terms and theories that are to be used in the work. The second part of the work deals with individual representative countries in Europe and Latin America, and the third part of the work describes future work needed in the area.


This book fills an important gap in the search for insights into the operation of different social, political, economic, and, particularly, managerial systems. the essays are the fruits of extensive research by a group of scholars coming from different cultures and disciplines who are interested in the development of "values, attitudes, and behaviors" within a political economy context. the scholars are all members of the International Consortium for Management Studies.

In this book, the authors address urgent issues for all societies and economies. They analyze and explore various experiences of different countries with different socioeconomic and political conditions as these nations become more fully involved in a global economy.

As befits a book in comparative systems, the authors analyze different systems from various viewpoints. the chapters describe historical and current developments from the perspective of both the individual and society. They provide important insights about the emergence and evolution of social standards, economic initiatives, political priorities, and family- and work-related values.

The authors' examination of current developments comes at a time when the major theme of world affairs is rapid change. We can see major changes occurring throughout the world relating to people's values, organizational and institutional configurations, and national and international initiatives. These types of changes reflect deep-seated emotions and initiatives, and they provide a major forum for research.

In this book, the authors have supplied a comprehensive breadth of view combined with an examination of the common threads of value . . .

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