Women of the Afghan War

Women of the Afghan War

Women of the Afghan War

Women of the Afghan War


This book is an account of the Afghan War and its tragic aftermath as told by the women who were caught up in it and became its innocent victims. The voices in this oral history will provide personal snapshots to the news reports of the Taliban activities now coming out of Afghanistan. These accounts provide an historical background to the growth of the Taliban, and reveal circumstances of the daily life of the women who must survive in this very closed society.


The strongest voice of opposition to the Soviet invasion came, not surprisingly, from the United States. President Jimmy Carter, trying to shore up support for his presidency from an increasingly right-wing public, instituted a variety of sanctions early in 1980.

He announced an embargo of U.S. grain for cattle feed. At the time, the U.S. was the largest single supplier of this grain to the Soviet Union, a position Argentina quickly filled. He canceled the right of Soviet trawlers to fish in U.S. territorial waters. He forbade the opening of any new Soviet consular offices in the U.S., and pledged to not open any more American ones in the USSR. He declared an embargo on American companies selling high-tech goods to the Soviets, and suspended cultural exchanges. He also asked the Senate to delay discussion on the SALT II agreements, effectively ending détente. He reinstated registration for the draft, and set the stage for increased military spending.

On January 20, 1980, Carter told the Soviets that he would give them one month to leave Afghanistan, or the U.S. would boycott the Moscow Olympics. When they did not leave, he formally announced the boycott.

The Olympic boycott was joined by Japan, China, West Germany, several smaller countries, and Canada.

Sue Holloway

In 1980, I was competing in Kayaking. I was twenty-five years old, and had competed in the 1976 Olympics.

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