International Perspectives on Psychology in the Schools

International Perspectives on Psychology in the Schools

International Perspectives on Psychology in the Schools

International Perspectives on Psychology in the Schools


To promote a broader understanding of the increasingly important role of school psychology in educational systems throughout the world, the editors of this volume collected the works of leading international educators and authorities. Using research from 24 countries, the book provides current information on educational systems and training facilities, psychology services, educational contributions to society, and directions for shaping children's futures through education.


The origins of this book are difficult to trace. in fact, they differ for each of the two editors.

The origins of the book for Philip Saigh are associated with his tenure (1977-1986) at the American University of Beirut. Despite the war in Lebanon, Beirut's cosmopolitan climate coupled with the University's emphasis on research served to prompt his interest in matters relating to international school psychology.

The origins for Tom Oakland are likely to lie in the thoughts and dreams elicited by postcards and letters he received as a child from his Aunt Olga as she traveled all parts of the globe in search of adventure and knowledge. His appetite for travel whetted, he and his children later embarked on their personal international travels to meet other peoples, to learn more about different cultures, and to work professionally.

Our international experiences clearly indicate the quality and level of psychological services available to children and youth -- both within and outside of schools -- differed markedly between countries. Moreover, most professional services for children and youth within all countries are provided by schools rather than through other public or private sectors. Thus, an understanding of psychological services for children and youth in most countries requires an understanding of the quality and nature of such services provided through schools. School psychological services typically encompass all professional psychological services available to most children and youth in the world.

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