Stuttering: A Short History of a Curious Disorder

Stuttering: A Short History of a Curious Disorder

Stuttering: A Short History of a Curious Disorder

Stuttering: A Short History of a Curious Disorder


This work critically analyzes a broad range of contributions on stuttering throughout history that penetrates the layers of accrued lore about the disorder.


In preparing this book I have had in mind the conviction that anyone interested in this disorder, particularly persons who might be contemplating a professional involvement with it, should have the enlightened perspective on the disorder that only a familiarity with its history can provide.

An adequate perspective can be provided without apprising the reader of the full body of content that the topic might permit. This is particularly true of a topic like stuttering, where so much, in fact excessive, material exists. The fundamental substance of a history of stuttering lies not simply in a recording of events and dates, but in recognizing the significance of relevant contemporaneous intellectual and cultural contexts, and especially the influence of certain individuals. In undertaking this broad objective I have endeavored to be succinctly comprehensive, to condense reasonably and yet remain faithful to the important major dimensions of the subject over time.

I sincerely hope that the book will be interesting as well as informative; that the reader will be able to acquire a substantive understanding and valuable perspective without being burdened, or perhaps confused, by an excess of detail or reference. This objective expresses a motivation based in a long-term personal recollection of having been required to read, in my undergraduate curriculum, the excellent History of Psychology by E. G. Boring. The scholarship and breadth of knowledge represented in that source was indeed impressive, yet the extent and depth of detail seemed, to us, to be burdensome.

Over the years I have maintained a more-than-casual interest in various dimensions of history, and I have been particularly appreciative of historical accounts that make the effort to interrelate various events and circumstances, to consider the focal topics in respect to influences that contributed to shaping . . .

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