The Histories - Vol. 2

The Histories - Vol. 2

The Histories - Vol. 2

The Histories - Vol. 2


Sallust (86-35 BC) was a historian of major importance, writing at the time of the late Roman Republic. This is the first ever full-length commentary and English translation of one of his major works, the Histories, covering the years 78-67 BC, one of the least well-documented periods of theera. The translation is based on a text freshly examined for the first time since the original edition of 1891-3, and also includes newly discovered material.


For nearly a century, B. Maurenbrecher C. Sallusti Crispi Historiarum reliquiae (Stuttgart 1893) has been the definitive edition of Sallust's major work, the Histories. Sallust's political attitude and historical perspective, the close connection between his three historical works, their relevance to our understanding of the last decades of the Roman Republic have, in the period since the appearance of Maurenbrecher's edition, given rise to a considerable body of Sallustian scholarship. Wide-ranging research combined with the discovery of some source material not available to Maurenbrecher justifies a fairly long-held view that the Histories in particular need fresh appraisal on matters such as the placement of the fragments, the establishing of coherent contexts, and the provision of a fuller commentary. the introduction of the Clarendon Ancient History Series has provided the opportunity to present the text of the Histories to a much wider readership; the commentary will, it is hoped, be of use to scholars of all levels.

My debt to published work on Sallust is apparent from the commentary. I also owe a more immediate debt of thanks to individuals: to my colleague Brian Bosworth for the stimulus of encouragement and advice; markedly to the generosity and scholarship of Dr Miriam Griffin, who read my work in draft. For the blemishes that remain I am totally responsible.

The work has been assisted to a significant degree by the grant of a Senior Honorary Research Fellowship in the University of Western Australia, the benefits of which secured pleasant working conditions and access to research material from many parts of the world. To the secretarial staff of the Department of Classics I record my appreciation for expert assistance in the preparation of my text for publication.

P. McG.

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