Readings on Agricultural Policy

Readings on Agricultural Policy

Readings on Agricultural Policy

Readings on Agricultural Policy


Decision to sponsor this publication was made by the American Farm Economic Association at its annual meeting in September 1947, when it approved the following proposal of its Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee recommends that the Association publish reprints of articles in particular fields in Agricultural Economics in accordance with the following plan: --

The President of the Association with approval of its Executive Committee shall designate the Editor of the Journal of Farm Economics and the Editorial Council of the American Farm Economic Association as a special committee to select the subject and title of the volume. This special committee shall also establish general rules as to the size of the volume, its makeup, and general criteria for selection of articles to be reprinted. The special committee shall also select and recommend to the President for his approval, the individual (s) who shall be the editor (or joint editors) of the volume.

The editor (s) shall be responsible for the selection of the articles to be printed in the volume. In this task he shall be given leeway in exercising professional judgment and consulting with professional colleagues. The editor shall also be responsible for the organization of the volume including the order of the articles. Furthermore, he will be responsible for preparing or arranging for preparation of the bibliography and index. (These recommendations are based upon a report prepared by a committee composed of Sidney Hoos and Henry Keller, Jr.)

The special committee selected Agricultural Policy as the field for the initial volume and invited the undersigned to assume the responsibilities of editor. He, in turn, then asked Herrell DeGraff, F. F. Elliott, L. P. Gabbard, and H. R. Wellman to serve as an advisory committee to make recommendations regarding articles to be considered.

Agricultural policy is a part of public policy. No single volume can even begin to provide coverage of so broad a field. The editor and the members of the committee on selections are keenly aware of this fact. The objective has been to include selections dealing with some of the more important agricultural aspects. Particular attention has been given to articles which have appeared in the Journal of Farm Economics, but a number of other sources have been drawn upon as well.

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