Perspectives on Economic Development in Africa

Perspectives on Economic Development in Africa

Perspectives on Economic Development in Africa

Perspectives on Economic Development in Africa


This collection of articles concerning the economic development of Africa was written by a group of scholars who are experienced in African societies and are knowledgeable about African needs. This experience and knowledge allows the authors to improve the focus on subjects like productivity, rural development, and transportation along with social and political issues involved in African developmental problems. The work consists of three parts: a general introduction, a section focusing on theoretical perspectives, and a section on practical problems. Since much of the work is derived from original research, it is unique in its treatment of the subject. The work is addressed to scholars, researchers, and teachers interested in African development in the North American market and elsewhere.


The state of contemporary African economies calls for serious efforts in search of answers to the dismal economic performance in the region, which has translated into problems of mass poverty, political instability, external indebtedness, and economic stagnation. There is no question that economic underdevelopment in Africa has been "over-stretched," for well after several decades of political independence during which most African countries have controlled their own economic affairs, the region has continued to reel under abject poverty and hopelessness. These consequences are staggering, and Africa must, simply, find ways to come out of the underdevelopment syndrome.

This book compiles a mix of research work addressed to the need for more relevant policy redirections to arrest the problem of underdevelopment in Africa. Beginning with an introductory section which covers an overview of the general developmental problems of Africa, the book is comprised of two additional sections: Part ii, detailing works on theoretical and empirical perspectives on productivity, employment, the human factor, technology, and institutional arrangements in Africa's development and underdevelopment; and Part iii, containing chapters on the practical, social, economic, and political dimensions in African developmental needs and achievements (or failures).

Our unending search for explanations and subsequent discourse on the vexing issue of economic underdevelopment in Africa led us to the programmes of research whose results are compiled in this volume. in harnessing the contents of this volume, we have drawn immensely from our practical experience with African systems, and familiarity with their institutions, economic arrangements and operations. in this connection, the book is deemed to meet the needs of anyone seriously searching for a deeper understanding of Africa's economic problems and ways to tackle them.

This book coordinates theoretical analyses with empirical results of the research on the African "development question," presented in a mix of both technical and nontechnical expositions and contributed by economists in Canada and the United States of both African and non-African descent: scholars who . . .

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