Politics and Public Policy in Arizona

Politics and Public Policy in Arizona

Politics and Public Policy in Arizona

Politics and Public Policy in Arizona


This completely revised edition of Smith's classic text on Arizona politics and public policy brings its examination up to date through the most recent election cycle. Intended for courses on state and local politics and policy, the text provides an introduction to and analysis of the political process in the State of Arizona and the policies that process has produced. The new edition includes contributions from experts on Arizona law, politics, criminal justice, and sociology, and retains the first edition's two-pronged analysis of Arizona's political institutions (the courts, legislature, governor's office, etc.) and the current policy issues facing the state (the environment, water, health care, immigration, and land use, among others). The complete text for courses in public policy and politics.


Zachary A Smith

The politics and public policy of Arizona are fascinating. No government impacts your life in as direct a manner or on a more regular basis than state and local government. Where you can send your children to school, the likelihood that you will die of cancer from consuming tainted drinking water, and the freedom or discrimination that you suffer at the hands of government or others can be influenced, to a great extent, by state government. This book, which is intended for courses on state and local politics and policy as well as supplementary material for American government courses, is designed to provide an introduction to the political process of the state of Arizona and the public policy it has produced. the book is divided into two parts. Part I deals with major political institutions in the state, including the legislature, the governor, the bureaucracy, local government, and the judiciary. Part II deals with specific public policy issues. the balance of this chapter provides a brief description of Arizona's geography and topography and a summary of the state's history. This historical summary is useful as a background to explain how contemporary Arizona has come about.

The lay of the land

Arizona is at once unique, and yet, in many ways, quite similar to other states. To a great extent, the state's topography and climate have dictated both its historical as well as its contemporary economic and political development.

Arizona has considerable topographic and hydrologic diversity. the state consists of three main geographic regions. Southwestern Arizona is made up of the Sonoran or Gila Desert region, which consists of broad valleys and isolated mountain ranges including the Big Horn, Castle Dome, Gila Bend, Harcuvar, and Maricopa Mountains. Northern Arizona is part of the Colorado Plateau and contains mountains, deep gorges, and a number of level plateaus. Between the Colorado Plateau area and the southwest, making up the central and southeast parts of Arizona, is the Mexican Highland region, which consists of a series of . . .

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