The Towns of Ancient Rus

The Towns of Ancient Rus

The Towns of Ancient Rus

The Towns of Ancient Rus


Part One

Chapter One. Rise of Russian Towns7

1. Towns of the 9th-10th Centuries7

2. Emergence of New Towns in the 11th-13th Centuries30

3. The Emergence of Suburbs or Posads44

4. Why Towns Arose53

Chapter Two. Urban Economy in Ancient Rus67

1. General Features,67

2. Handicrafts72

3. Custom Work and Commodity Production95

4. Urban Commerce98

5. Usury and Commercial Credit107

6. Medieval Crafts and Commerce115

7. The Ivanskoye Sto and Other Merchant Guilds118

8. Associations of Craftsmen133

Chapter Three. Urban Population145

1. Size and Composition145

2. Craftsmen--the Bulk of the Population149

3. Kholops and Other Bondmen155

4. Merchants161

5. Urban Boyars167

6. Parish (White) Clergy176

7. Monasteries and Monks184

Chapter Four. Struggle for Civic Freedoms196

1. General Remarks196

2. Kiev198

3. Polotsk and Smolensk214

4. Novgorod217

5. Galich222

6. Vladimir Zalessky225

Chapter Five. Civic Authorities229

1. Prince and Town229

2. Veche233

3. Civil Administration241

Chapter Six. External Appearance of Towns249

1. Town Fortifications249

2. Detinets, Posad, Urban Blocks and Streets259

3. The Market266

4. Urban Structures and the Outward Appearance of Towns271

Chapter Seven. Urban Culture279

1. Literacy279

2. Urban Libraries and Sacristies288

3. Urban Literature291

Part Two

Chapter One. The Lands of Kiev and Pereyaslavl303

Chapter Two. Volyn Land333

Chapter Three. Galich Land347

Chapter Four. Chernigov Land357

Chapter Five. Smolensk Land372

Chapter Six. Polotsk Land382

Chapter Seven. Novgorod Land397

Chapter Eight. Rostov-Suzdal Land415

Chapter Nine. Ryazan Land450


Name Index464

Index of Geographical, Topographical and Ethnographical Names479

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