Omens and Oracles: Collective Psychology in the Nuclear Age

Omens and Oracles: Collective Psychology in the Nuclear Age

Omens and Oracles: Collective Psychology in the Nuclear Age

Omens and Oracles: Collective Psychology in the Nuclear Age


Kroth uses depth psychology to develop a globally rooted psychoanalytic perspective through which he explores the psychological underpinnings of contemporary reality. By treating "real" occurrences as dreams arising from the collective unconscious, he derives clues to the significance of present and past events and identifies those that have served as accurate portents of the future. He presents studies of Jim Jones and the trickster archetype, the War of the Worlds panic, omens and portents expressed in the mass media, some implications of the Gorbachev revolution, Cambodia and the American shadow, and Israel's biblical duel with the Palestinians.


I don't dream. Life dreams me!

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Tanya Zack left work in Santa Cruz, California, and was driving home on a portion of the freeway that was mountainous and often foggy. When her car broke down near the top of the pass through the mountains, she flagged down a motorist and requested help. No one ever heard from her again.

Her father had his own firm in Silicon Valley and mounted an enormous campaign to find his daughter. He asked his employees to fan out and coordinate a private search in addition to the normal law enforcement efforts that began at the same time. After a week of probing, someone finally discovered Tanya's wallet. the chances that she was still alive dimmed. Her father, undaunted, intensified his efforts while hundreds of callers made suggestions to newspapers about where she might be located. Days passed without any further clues or traces.

At about this time, the police received a tip from a woman who said she wished anonymity. She had had an extremely graphic dream about the location of Tanya Zack's body. It was so vivid that she and her live-in boyfriend took a ride out into the forests to try to find the ravine that had appeared in the dream scene. the ravine the woman located was far from where the search teams had been looking, and so difficult to find that she and her boyfriend left ribbons near its entrance so the police might eventually search for the body there. the police had extremely limited manpower and disregarded . . .

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