Goethe in the Twentieth Century


Introduction by Alexej Ugrinsky Part I: Literature and the Humanities: Comparative Investigations Federico Garcia Lorca's Debt to Goethe's Faust by Elizabeth Bohning and Judy B. McInnis Jean-Luc Godard's Use of Goethe's Wilhelm Meister Novels in La Chinoise by Peter G. Christensen Michel Tournier's Le Roi des Aulnes: Goethe in the Third Reich by William Cloonan The German Stage-Image of Goethe, 1969-1981 by Donald H. Crosby The Influence of Goethe's Faust on Hans Henny Jahnn by Thomas Freeman Goethe and Sir Michael Tippett: Lila, Wanderjahre, and The Knot Garden by R.S. Furness The Walpurgis Nights of Goethe and Bulgakov by Henry Hatfield Saloma Friedlaender/Mynona and Goethe: A Chapter in the Goethe Reception of German Expressionism by Manfred Kuxdorf Thoas and Iphigenie: A Reappraisal by Donna Dietrich and Henry Marshall The Reception of Werther in Ulrich Plenzdorf's The New Sufferings of Young W.: Parody of Reincarnation of Goethe's Classic? by Dieter Sevin Goethe's Iphigenie: Autonomous Humanity and the Authority of the Gods in the Era of Benevolent Despotism by Wolfgang Wittkowski Part II: The Human Condition and the Sciences: Analytical Studies Goethe's Science in the Twentieth Century by Frederick Amrine Goethe's Concept of "Polarized Light" in View of Late Twentieth-Century Optical Technology by Frederick Burnwick Goethe, Jung: Homunculus and Faust by John Fitzell The Russian Reception of Goethe's Farbenlehre in the Nineteen Twenties by Erika Freiberger-Sheikholeslami Goethe as the Precursor of the Phenomenological Approach to Color by Claude Gandelman Goethe and Modern Psychiatry by John W. Goethe Mignon: Goethe's Study of Affectional Frustration in Childhood by Mary Gies Hatch Goethe's Hermann und Dorothea as a Refugee Epic by Louis F. Helbig Fate and Formation: The Limitations of Ottilie's Development in Goethe's Elective Affinities by Sigrun D. Leonhard Goethe's View of Women: A Modern Perspective by Katharina Mommsen The Striving of the West: Goethe's Faust in 1982 by Michael Platt

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Includes content by:
  • Elizabeth Bohning
  • Judy B. McInnis
  • Peter G. Christensen
  • William Cloonan
  • Donald H. Crosby
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 1987


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