The Politics of Children's Survival

The Politics of Children's Survival

The Politics of Children's Survival

The Politics of Children's Survival


The central concern of this pioneering study is the high rate of child mortality worldwide and the prospects for reducing this rate. Taking as his major focus socioeconomic factors and their effect on children's survival, Kent examines the social and political roots of child mortality around the world and finds that the problem arises from widespread powerlessness in the populations of less developed countries. Thus, he argues, remedies should center on strategies of empowerment, designed so that their benefits persist long after the intervention has ended.


Several parts of this study have appeared in previously published articles. I thank the publishers of these pieces for the opportunity they provided to test ideas.

Many individuals contributed to the preparation of this study, some directly and some through their work in the world. Instead of recounting them as individuals, I prefer to salute the magnificent contributions of the organizations that contribute so much to the well-being of children: the United Nations Children's Fund, the International Committee for the Red Cross, Save the Children, Defense for Children International, the Children's Defense Fund, and others.

This study is dedicated to all children, and especially to Greg and Jeff. Every day their very being reminds me that looking after our children is the same as looking after our future. Children give meaning and vision to our lives, and I am grateful to them for that.

I want to give special thanks to Joan, and to my Mom and Dad, for having looked after me.

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