Culturally Affirmative Psychotherapy with Deaf Persons


In this paradigm-shifting book, the new cultural model of Deafness is taken up in a comprehensive manner by mental health professionals. Starting from the premise that members of the Deaf community are best thought of as culturally different rather than disabled, the contributors present an approach to counseling Deaf people based on the best practices currently known in cross-cultural treatment of minority persons. Among the topics discussed are the development of cultural self-awareness in Deaf and hearing people, the knowledge base necessary to work with Deaf culture, and the specific skills of culturally affirmative counseling and psychotherapy. The resulting book will be of interest to all mental health professionals working with culturally different persons.

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • Harlan Lane
  • Robert Hoffmeister
  • Michael A. Harvey
  • Tom Humphries
  • Neil S. Glickman
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Mahwah, NJ
Publication year:
  • 1996


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