Richard Brome: Caroline Playwright

Richard Brome: Caroline Playwright

Richard Brome: Caroline Playwright

Richard Brome: Caroline Playwright


In this study of Richard Brorne I have tried to utilize modern historical and critical knowledge to mike Brome's work as accessible to modern readers as possible. I tried, too, to add to the factual knowledge of his life records, but despite the unfailingly thoughtful assistance of various keepers and their deputies at the British Museum, the Public Records Office, and Somerset House I found little of indisputable value. I did have better luck, with the same kindly aid from the staffs, in the British Museum, in the Folger Shakespeare Library, and in the Princeton University Library when searching for explicatory materials from English history. I wish to thank all these able and friendly librarians and archivists for their help, as I do Mr. John Russell, librarian of the University of Rochester, and his staff for many last-minute assists. I am grateful to the Modern Humanities Research Association and to the editors of Modern Language Review for permission to use material in Chapter IX which previously appeared under their auspices. My other obligations go further back. I owe much to Professors L. A. Landa, Alan Downer, and D. W. Robertson, Jr., all of Princeton University, for advice, useful insights, and encouragement. From Professor G. E. Bentley I have received inspiring evidence that a high degree of professional rigor can be combined with human warmth and tact. I, like many others before and since, have much to thank him for. My wife, Ruth, knows how much she has helped; the book is dedicated to her.

It remains only to say that my sympathetic account of Brome's seventeenth-century conservatism does not constitute an endorsement of that political philosophy in the twentieth century.

I have used the appropriate original quarto editions of Brome's plays for quotation.

Finally, I wish to thank Miss Anita Weiner for her very telling improvements of the text.


Rochester, New York January, 1961 . . .

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