Men, Money, and Medicine

Men, Money, and Medicine

Men, Money, and Medicine

Men, Money, and Medicine


The principal credit for turning primarily oral presentations to professional and lay audiences into written prose goes to Ruth Szold Ginzberg. To the extent that the volume has cohesion and is free of the informality of the spoken word, the merit is largely hers.

Miriam Ostow joined the staff in 1966 and has worked closely with me on most of the chapters. In addition, she revised and improved the entire manuscript. Her name on the title page indicates the nature of her contribution.

Two friends read the manuscript. Dr. Rashi Fein, Professor of Economics of Medicine, Harvard University, dispelled my doubts as to whether this interim effort should be published. Dr. Herbert E. Klarman, Professor of Public Health Administration, Johns Hopkins University, annotated the manuscript throughout and offered many other suggestions which added to the accuracy and readability of the book.

The primary source of the funding for the work underlying this book was the Manpower Administration, U.S. Department of Labor. Support was also received from the Planning Commission of the City of New York.

Eli Ginzberg, Director Conservation of Human Resources

Columbia University
May, 1969
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