Rachel Crothers: A Research and Production Sourcebook

Rachel Crothers: A Research and Production Sourcebook

Rachel Crothers: A Research and Production Sourcebook

Rachel Crothers: A Research and Production Sourcebook


Entries provide plot synopses and production information for Crothers's plays, as well as annotated bibliographic information for primary and secondary sources.


This volume, Rachel Crothers: A Research and Production Sourcebook, is part of a series being published by Greenwood Press. The series will present extensive bibliographies, biographical essays, play synopses, production information and critical overviews of twentieth century dramatists. Books in the series are intended to serve both as quick reference guides and as exhaustive sources of production information.

This volume will make Crothers and her work accessible both to the scholar familiar with her career and to the student just discovering her. The biographical essay presents the significant details of Crothers's life and career along with a general picture of her critical reputation both now and during her lifetime, and suggestions of directions which future Crothers criticism might take. Following the biographical information each of Crothers's plays is summarized and a detailed account of its critical reception is provided, along with its stage history. While Crothers is primarily known for her plays she also worked for a time in Hollywood, and many of her plays were filmed, some more than once. Thus her film career is also considered in this section of the book.

An exhaustive bibliography of Crothers's own writing, both dramatic and journalistic, follows the summary section. Information on library collections of her manuscripts and other documents is also provided. The secondary bibliography, fully annotated and in chronological order, provides both factual information on individual reviewers' judgments of her work and a comprehensive overall picture of Crothers's reputation over nearly a century. As well as providing specific information the bibliographies can be "read" as a document in their own right, providing a vivid picture of Crothers's contribution both to the world of Broadway and to the larger world of social and political issues in the first half of the 20th century.

To make the sourcebook simple to use, bibliography entries and production information are coded according to their type. These codes, along with the indexes, make it easy to find all the relevant information for any play.

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