American Indian and Alaska Native Newspapers and Periodicals, 1826-1924 - Vol. 1


This guide provides access to a political, historical, and cultural record of incalculable value. Entries are arranged alphabetically by title, with variant titles cross-referenced. A profile of each publication presents information about its founding and history, editors, publishers, content, and affiliations with parties, organizations, and tribes. An information section for each entry includes a full bibliography and location sources--union lists, electronic retrieval systems, reprint and microprint editions, as well as archives and libraries. Publication histories are also supplied. A subject index gives the user access to the content of entries, and appendixes furnish listings of titles by date of establishment and place of publication. The editors' introduction discusses the changing historical circumstances that have stimulated the growth of these publications and are reflected in their names. They consider the effects of the publications themselves--their vital role in maintaining solidarity and awareness of common problems and in creating Native American political and cultural awareness.


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