The Practice of Newspaper Management

The Practice of Newspaper Management

The Practice of Newspaper Management

The Practice of Newspaper Management


"Rankin points out most journalism schools today still concern themselves primarily with preparing students to be editorial journalists. They are not preparing them as business managers.' His book leads the way." Editor & Publisher


If the newspaper executive, the advertising executive, the educator, or the student does not use Dr. W. Parkman Rankin's book, The Practice of Newspaper Management, they will be one brick short of a load in having the answers from every standpoint needed in newspaper management today. It is a book, skillfully written, that should be the mandatory handbook of executive practitioners in the fascinating world of newspapers.

Dr. Rankin, known to me as Perk, for many, many years, has been a friend, confidante, and advisor to all of us in this wonderfully changing business. Perhaps he should be referred to as The Dean in view of his long stretch in time and breadth of knowledge of what goes on in newspapers. He ought to know - he was there.

This book on newspapers has a layout (as they say in advertising) of twelve chapters, heavily covering the marketing aspects of newspapering, as well as the fine art of managing and planning.

You will be delighted with his run-down on America's two largest newspaper organizations, that is, the American Newspaper Publishers Association, and the Newspaper Advertising Bureau. The writer carefully leads the reader through the maze of functions in both organizations, developing full knowledge of what one needs to know to utilize the impact these influential organizations have.

You will also be fascinated with Perk's file notes on new developments in "the business" giving the reader an opportunity to rub shoulders with the newspaper entrepreneurial giants who are running on the new creative fast track. You will get insider information on the futurists of the newspaper business.

In addition, fine case histories telling of America's outstanding regional newspapers are also part of the package.

I salute Perk Rankin for covering the practice of newspaper management in a fascinating way, of which only he is capable.

Edward W. Estlow President and C.E.O. Scripps-Howard . . .

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