World War II in the North Pacific: Chronology and Fact Book

World War II in the North Pacific: Chronology and Fact Book

World War II in the North Pacific: Chronology and Fact Book

World War II in the North Pacific: Chronology and Fact Book


Preserving much rare and disintegrating information, this comprehensive chronology and fact book provides day-to-day records covering a third of the Pacific war for the first time. Recounts events in the North Pacific between August 1943 and September 1945, revealing the activities of the Allies including the Soviet Union and the Japanese. It identifies the location and activities of units and makes participants "come alive" through short biographies. Appendices with key data, bibliography, maps, charts, and photographs, along with an index, further enrich this little-known history. For all interested in this now forgotten conflict.


This book is based on the official histories of the United States Armed Forces. Information is derived from many different sources, a good number of which are rare and disintegrating. Facts about what was occurring daily were gleaned from interviews, books, journals, magazines, microfilm, microfiche, databases and the Japanese archives.

This chronology and fact book is an effort to faithfully preserve and accurately consolidate the records. Although I could not travel to Japan and do not speak the language, I have raised questions and checked information carefully with the National Institute for Defense Studies in Tokyo. Col. Taro Nagae, JGSDF (Ret.) has been most helpful in consulting and checking the massive official history there. The Japanese record is the last citation given for each date when available.

Hopefully this chronicle will preserve the essence of what the veterans of both sides endured. This reference book is meant to provide readers with a ready source to answer "What If ?" and other questions. Unit strengths, locations, and concerns are included whenever available. Every effort has gone into providing depth and detail from veteran interviews. The story of the North Pacific is interwoven into the story of the South and Central theatres of World War II. There is often no dividing line.

The North Pacific theatre refers to the area north of Honshu (omitting the Sakhalin Island), including the Sea of Okhotsk, the Kurile Islands, the Aleutian Islands, and the waters of the North Pacific to the west coast of the United States. This includes all important areas that were the responsibility of Lt. Gen. Kiichiru Higuchi, and the region of the Ominato Guard District, excluding Sakhalin Island.

Since the theatre is split by the international date line, all times are recorded as the earlier (eastern) date.

Finally, to avoid confusion, names are rendered in the western manner, given name first and surname second, rather than in Japanese usage.

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