The Awakening of Southern Italy

The Awakening of Southern Italy

The Awakening of Southern Italy

The Awakening of Southern Italy


It is more than twelve years since, with the encouragement of the late Mr. E. J. Passant, I began to work on the problems of southern Italy. Since 1955 I have visited one or more of the southern regions almost every year and have thus been able to see the exciting changes taking place in the life of some of Italy's poorest citizens.

I am very grateful to my college, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, for giving me their Suzette Taylor Travelling Fellowship for 1957-8, which enabled me to visit Sicily and Sardinia twice.

I cannot possibly thank by name all those who gave me so much help in Italy. I am particularly grateful to the officials of the various Agrarian Reform agencies and to those of SVIMEZ, the Association for the Development of Industry in the South, who put all their reports and statistics at my disposal. My visits to Sardinia were made easy and delightful by introductions from Signor Segni, Italy's Minister for Foreign Affairs; while thanks to the kindness of Senator Lussu I was able to meet Sardinian Socialists as well as Government supporters.

Senator Zanotti Bianco enabled me to see at first-hand much of the work being done for children by the Association for the Interests of the South and to consult the valuable library of the Association in Rome.

Above all I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Professor Manlio Rossi-Doria of the University of Naples, who was always ready to help and advise me and who gave me introductions to people all over the south. Without his humane wisdom and friendship I could have done nothing.

I must thank my Italian friend Princess Santa Hercolani, who took me in her car over great parts of Calabria, Basilicata . . .

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