The Ethical Religion of Zoroaster

The Ethical Religion of Zoroaster

The Ethical Religion of Zoroaster

The Ethical Religion of Zoroaster


The Gathas as embodying the precepts of the prophet, introduce a great reform, a notable advance over anything hitherto known in the field of human ethics. Dhalla (The High Priest's) Zoroastrian Theology.

To Zoroaster is due the same rank, the same respect, the same reverential regard that is due to such seekers after light as Buddha, Confucius, Socrates. Jackson Zoroaster, the Prophet of Ancient Iran.

If the Gathas contain the earliest printed effort of their kind to reform the human heart, being also alive today in all our faiths, on which, too, futurity may hang, they are, indeed, unique in morals. Mills' Our Own Religion in Ancient Persia.

IT might indeed be said that Zoroaster was the discoverer, or at least the uncoverer, of individual morals; the very evolution of the most primitive but fundamental and therefore eternal notions of right and wrong, is first of all discernible in earnest activity in the original Gathas, Zoroaster's own contribution to the enlightenment of mankind.

The purely spiritual conception of divinity by Zoroaster (who is in the Persian language called Zarathustra) is witness, how rapturously beautiful to him was true good and right; for the first person in his sevenfold unity of God was Mazda, Light; the second person was Aramaïti, the Good Mind; and the third was Asha, Right.

All these names, likewise, except Mazda which be-

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