Out of the Jewel: Poems

Out of the Jewel: Poems

Out of the Jewel: Poems

Out of the Jewel: Poems



Rich world of tint and line, of hue and cry, Of music and motion, counter-plot to Death,

Most vain, most valiant, blaze upon the eye,

Come resonant on the ear-drum, and let breath

Be drawn in savor only. Far too thick

This muffled atmosphere, this yellow pall

Wherein we peer and listen, strained and sick,

And calling through the murk as all men call.

Lo, the wild beasts more stately to and fro

Move through a landscape cleaner-cut than this

Opaque dim Paradise of ours, so blurred .

By the brain's mist. Where deer and panther go

No grey vapor of nomenclature is,

No film of title coats the colored bird.

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