Bernard Shaw, a Chronicle

Bernard Shaw, a Chronicle

Bernard Shaw, a Chronicle

Bernard Shaw, a Chronicle


"Je n'impose rein; je ne propose rein; j'expose"

The death of Bernard Shaw has made possible the completion of a chronicle of his life. Among the many books on Shaw this one may modestly claim to be uniquely useful in that it gives a detailed account of his life in chronological order, with consequent ease of reference. The volume entitled Bernard Shaw through the Camera provides illustrations.

I am deeply indebted to Mr. Shaw for his kind permission to make quotations from his writings -- especially, because of their comparative length, those from his letters to Ellen Terry and Common Sense About the War.

Among the number of people who have written about Shaw, only one is his authorized biographer and was supplied by Mr. Shaw with the very generous help which he (rightly) deemed due. Dr. Henderson produced a large and handsomely illustrated biography in 1911; he acquired the finest collection of Shaviana in the world; he wrote all over the world for information. One can imagine the difficulty of digesting all this material, determining the proportions of the various elements in the history, and so on. Dr. Henderson in 1932 produced a volume of 800 pages incorporating the result of all these labours in a most readable narrative. All readers of his volumes are under great obligation to him, and I am particularly so, as I also am for his kind permission to quote.

I am very grateful also to the following for the same permission: The Fabian Society, in respect of Fabian Essays and their tracts; Miss Doris Langley Moore and Messrs. Ernest Benn & Co. in respect of E. Nesbit; Lady Keeble (Lillah McCarthy), in respect of Myself and My Friends; Mrs. Nellie Harris, in respect of Bernard Shaw, by the late Frank Harris; Dr. Gilbert Murray, in respect of his Aristophanes; and Mr. St. John Ervine, in respect of his Observer review of Dr. Henderson's second Life.

The opening pages of this book appeared as an article in The Quarterly Review and I thank the editor for permission to reprint.

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