Fool of Love: The Life of Ramon Lull

Fool of Love: The Life of Ramon Lull

Fool of Love: The Life of Ramon Lull

Fool of Love: The Life of Ramon Lull


If the teaching of St. John of the Cross, which I described in Spirit of Flame, was found invigorating in days of crisis, when faith burned low and men's hearts were failing them for fear, the vital and compelling per- sonality of the Majorcan, Ramon Lull, should be no less of an inspiration at a time when the watchwords of the world are Reconstruction, Advance and Progress.

The Fool of Love, as he delighted to call himself, lived in the thirteenth century, but so skilfully has recent scholar- ship divested his biography of the accretions of age that the portrait it enables me to present is uncannily modern. I have drawn it only in outline, so that its essentials may stand out the more clearly; but, though these pages are not burdened with footnotes, they contain enough references to the few works of Lull's which have been translated into English to permit of further study by those who wish to know him better.

By the courtesy of the S.P.C.K. I have drawn freely upon my Ramon Lull, a Biography, published shortly before the seven-hundredth anniversary of Ramon's birth. Where limits of space have imposed undue condensation I have added footnote references to that ampler study, in which fuller details of all kinds and an adequate bibliography of Lullian literature will also be found.

E. A. P.


JULY 1, 1945 . . .

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