The Reconstruction of World Agriculture

The Reconstruction of World Agriculture

The Reconstruction of World Agriculture

The Reconstruction of World Agriculture


This book concerns one important aspect of the great challenge of our time to the nations of the world and their statesmen: how shall a more durable and vital peace be built? Some thirteen hundred million people of this earth still live as farmers. Their well-being will be seriously affected by the knowledge possessed by the builders of the peace about a sound and sane reconstruction of the world's agriculture.

Since the United States is the world's leading power and international policy in any case begins at home, special emphasis has been laid upon our obligation to adopt a bold economic policy in behalf of our own interests as well as in behalf of the prosperity of the world.

The book has grown out of the continuous observation and critical analysis of the present war's impact upon the world's food economy being conducted at the Food Research Institute. Intensive study of the intriguing and complex ways in which war interferes with peacetime pursuits in agriculture and of the recuperative power of farming inevitably leads to an evaluation of the reconstruction job facing the nations when the war is won. Not to make the product of such thought available to others who, as statesmen, businessmen, and economists must form a considered opinion on this subject, would constitute a sin of omission.

Yet the book owes its existence to the urgent proposal of its publisher, W. W. Norton, and to his success in persuading the author to write on so vast a subject at a time when the pattern of the future political and economic world is discernible only in hazy outlines.

Primarily, the book was written in order to contribute to public discussion some pertinent factual background as well as argumentative interpretations of various national and international policies, which may further the restoration of agriculture to its normal role in an era of peace.

The author alone bears the responsibility for the content of the . . .

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