Selected Poems of William Vaughn Moody


William Vaughn Moody was born at Spencer, Indiana, July 8, 1869. His father, Francis Burdette Moody, with two brothers, Norman and Gideon, had moved from Central New York about 1852. Norman, a lawyer, settled in Illinois. Gideon, also trained for the law, went to South Dakota, whence he was sent to the United States Senate. Francis Burdette settled in New Albany, Indiana, where he married Henrietta Emily Stoy, of mingled English, French, and Scotch descent, a daughter of one of the earliest pioneer families of southern Indiana. For years Francis Moody commanded a steamer, in which he owned a half-interest, one of the floating palaces of that picturesque era, plying between Pittsburgh and New Orleans. At the outbreak of the Civil War, his vessel was seized and held by Southern troops. After this financial loss he did not return to the river, but . . .

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  • R. M. L.
  • Robert Morss Lovett
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  • Boston
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  • 1931


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