Scandinavian Art


For this, the first comprehensive treatment of Scandinavian art in any language, the American-Scandinavian Foundation is fundamentally indebted to Mr. C. Henry Smith, of San Francisco, whose munificent gift provided for the completed manuscripts and the engravings. The volume has been the labor of several years on the part of the eminent authors, the translators, and editors. The survey of Swedish art has been written by Carl G. Laurin, author of Konsthistoria, Sweden Through the Artist's Eye, etc. The account of Danish art in the nineteenth century is by Emil Hannover, Director of the Danish Museum of Industrial Art. The development of modern Norwegian art has been traced by Jens Thiis, Director of the National Gallery in Christiania. The appearance of the work has been somewhat delayed because of the illness of Mr. Thiis, who was prevented from revising the last part of his manuscript. One of the translators, Mr. Frederic Schenck, of Harvard University, who rendered the Danish section into English, did not live to see his work in press. The Swedish section has been translated by Adolph Burnett Benson, assistant professor of Scandinavian at Yale University, and the Norwegian manuscript by Sigurd Bernhard Hustvedt, assistant professor of English at the University of California, Southern Branch. The Swedish plates have been engraved by P. A. Norstedt och Söner of Stockholm, the Danish and Norwegian plates by the Photochrome Engraving Company of New York. The task of collating the manuscripts, editing the translations, and placing the illustrations, as well as proof-reading, has been executed by Hanna Astrup Larsen, editor of the AMERICAN-SCANDINAVIAN REVIEW. Throughout the preparation of the book the Committee on Publications consulted Dr. Christian Brinton, the well known art critic, who will be remembered in this connection especially for his various essays on Scandinavian art and for his catalogue of the Scandinavian Exhibition of 1912-1913.

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Includes content by:
  • Christian Brinton
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 1922


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