Money: Lure, Lore, and Literature

Money: Lure, Lore, and Literature

Money: Lure, Lore, and Literature

Money: Lure, Lore, and Literature


Joining two seemingly irreconcilable opposites, money and art, this edited collection analyzes the treatment of money in various forms of literature. The volume begins with chapters analyzing money in terms of language and culture, and then turns to money in history, showing how money has been influenced by and changed history. Using the theories developed in the first two sections, the chapters that follow consider the literatures of Russia and America, French literature, and English literature.


The love of money is the root of all evil.

I Timothy 6:10, The Bible

The lack of money is the root of all evil.

George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman

This collection of essays seems at first like a strange kettle of fish, but in its diversity is its strength. The book connects what at first seem like irreconcilable opposites: money and art--the realm of the real and concrete versus the realm of dream and fantasy. To accomplish this unusual--some would even say cynical--connection, a careful and well-planned approach is necessary, which is what I have tried to do with this anthology. Though 80 percent of the chapters involve art, a very important 20 percent involve a very slippery and complex subject, money--a term very hard even to define. And the term is so hard to define because its definition depends entirely on the context of its analysis.

As a result, this book is divided into five parts in an effort to systematize an approach to an oxymoron--money and art. In Part I, money is analyzed in terms of language and culture. How we understand money very much depends on our culture and our language. Part II connects money with history, showing how money was influenced by history and how money changed history. After these two broadly theoretical parts, designed to give the reader an understanding of the complexities involved in the subject, this book then applies many of these theories to various fields of literature. Part III discusses money as it appears in the literatures of Russia and America; Part IV analyzes the theme of money in French . . .

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