Nicaragua and the United States, 1909-1927

Nicaragua and the United States, 1909-1927

Nicaragua and the United States, 1909-1927

Nicaragua and the United States, 1909-1927


In the preparation of this study two kinds of contemporary sources have been extensively used: official documents and periodicals. The writer would be the first to acknowledge the fragmentary and inadequate character of his materials. Yet the attempt to bring together and to evaluate such information as they afford is worth while, both from the standpoint of the student of contemporary affairs and of the general reader who has some interest in the subject. If the present effort proves serviceable to those groups the writer will have achieved his main purpose.

Acknowledgments are due to Roscoe R. Hill, commissioner, and his fellow officials for documentary publications of the Nicaraguan Government; to the late J. M. Keith, of San José, and to Costa Rican officials, for newspaper and documentary materials; to Dr. L. S. Rowe, director general, and Charles E. Babcock, librarian, and other officials of the Pan American Union for access to and gifts from their collections of Central American newspapers; to his colleagues Prof. Kenneth W. Colegrove and Prof. Roberto Brenes MesU+0OE9n and to the officials of Lunt Library, Northwestern University, for numerous courtesies; and, finally, to his wife for assistance in preparing the manuscript. The thanks are theirs; whatever faults the work may have are those of the author.





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