War or Peace

War or Peace

War or Peace

War or Peace


War is probable--unless by positive and well-directed efforts we fend it off.

War is not inevitable, and I do not think that it is imminent. Something can be done about it. If I did not think so, I would not be writing this book.

There is hope:

Provided our people see the danger clearly, as it is, so that we are not decoyed into false moves;

Provided we understand the many present policies that are good, so that we get behind them unitedly and resolutely;

Provided we see the inadequacy of present policies, so that we round them out to a global whole;

Provided we develop the spiritual power without which no policy can be more than a makeshift.

If we look about the world, we see warning signals that in the past forecast reliably the coming of war.

There exists a great power--Russia--under the control of a despotic group fanatical in their acceptance of a creed that teaches world domination and that would deny those personal freedoms which constitute our most cherished political and religious heritage.

Already Soviet Communism has extended its control over more than 700,000,000 people, or about one-third of the human race. This has happened in thirty-three years. Never before have so . . .

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