EC Competition Law

EC Competition Law

EC Competition Law

EC Competition Law


Firmly established as one of the leading texts in the area, EC Competition Law has been comprehensively updated and revised for this new third edition. Its clear, succinct, and yet highly authoritative coverage will ensure its continued popularity amongst practitioners, academics and students alike. This much acclaimed book is part of the Oxford European Community Law Series.


The third edition of this book brings up to date a work which has established itself, not least by the directness and originality of its treatment, as one of the leading works in the field

Despite the substantial developments in the subject in the ten years since the first edition, the author succeeds in providing, within a reasonable compass, a comprehensive work which covers the whole field of EC competition law and policy: it will appeal to student and practitioner alike and especially to those who seek not merely to look up particular points or to discover the rules, but to understand the system of which they form a part.

And not only the competition law of the EC. Articles 85 and 86 of the EC Treaty have provided a model for national comptition law in many of the Member States of the European Union, most recently in the United Kingdom; and indeed in many countries outside the Union, both in Europe and elsewhere.

The book maintains the virtues of the previous editions. The reader will be struck by the perception, and clarity of exposition, of the interconnections between law and economics; by the historical perspective which enables the current law to be properly understood; and not least by the freshness of the author's approach to old problems. An additional original feature is the concern to look at the subject, not only from the viewpoint of the lawyer and corporate adviser, but also from the perspective of those who administer the system.

The first edition of this book marked the birth of the Oxford Series on European Community Law. The new edition marks the re-naming of the Series as the Oxford EC Law Library; the new name expresses the aim of the series to cover in a systematic way the main branches of EC Law. Ten volumes have appeared in the series, and several more are due to appear shortly. Each book has made a substantial contribution to achieving the aim of the series, and each has succeeded in appealing to both academic and practising lawyers.

The new edition of this book will be welcomed not only by specialists, and by those with particular concerns in the interaction of law and economics, but also by many others involved in the life and business of the European Community.

June 1998 . . .

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