The Human Legacy

The Human Legacy

The Human Legacy

The Human Legacy


Many people helped me in one way or another in pursuing the work that has led to this book. I want to thank them and express my appreciation.

To begin with, there are Joe Greenbaum, then Dean of the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research, and Jack Everett, then President of the New School. When I told them that I intended to close my laboratory and start learning about archeology, neither of them blinked an eye; they actually encouraged me. They must have thought that anything would be better than what I had been doing.

More encouragement came from Sherry Washburn, who had himself contributed so much in the area I wanted to pursue. He not only thought it was good for me to become interested in these things, but I also learned a great deal from him. There were also a few psychologists for whom I have great respect, who not only didn't think I had gone off the deep end but even became interested and participated with me in highly instructive seminars. These are Mike Gazzaniga, Julian Hochberg, George Miller, Serge Moscovici, and Dave Premack.

There are limits to what one can grasp and understand just from reading. There is much in any field that does not get written down or that is difficult to convey with language alone. So, I have also on occasion sought to talk with experts and to visit some excavations with them. There are three from whom I learned enormous amounts: Ofer Bar-Yosef, Arthur Jehnek, and Jacques Tixier.

Four people read and criticized an earlier draft of the manuscript: Liz Coleman, Jack Everett, Stanley Schachter and, perforce, Trudy Festinger. Good, honest, and constructive criticism is hard to come by but all four supplied it.

One more person must be mentioned here: Sallie Marx, who put up gracefully with my endless revisions, my snarling about typos, and my dumping many of the chores about the bibliography on her shoulders.

Finally, my thanks to the Sloan Foundation for having facilitated my education in the matters that form the basis of this book.

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