Young Heroes in World History

Young Heroes in World History

Young Heroes in World History

Young Heroes in World History


This book of biographical profiles and stories chronicle the astonishing courage and imagination of young people. The lives of the seventeen young men and women profiled here, who range in age from twelve to twenty-three at the time of their heroic deeds, spread across oceans and continents, cultures, races, and ethnic groups throughout 250 years. Each of their lives offers testimony to the human capacity to overcome incredible obstacles, endure, and choose honor, integrity, compassion, and service. The stories of many are told here for the first time.


Most of all, I wanted to write a story. --John Demos The Unredeemed Captive, p. xi

But this too is true: stories can save us. --Tim O'Brien The Things They Carried, p. 255

You don't have anything if you don't have the stories. --Leslie Marmon Silko Ceremony, p. 2

This is a book of stories chronicling the astonishing courage and imagination of young people. These young women and me n, at an age usually stereotyped as one of intense self-absorption, seized control of their lives, shaped themselves with commitment and integrity, and found a vital fulfillment of self through recognition, respect, and service to others. Mairí Chisholm walked out of the world into which she was born and created her own life of daring, determination, and devotion as a frontline medic during World War I. Charles Eastman, raised as a Santee Sioux, was torn at the age of fourteen from everything he had ever known and thrust into an utterly alien world; he managed not only to survive--psychologically as well as physically--but to seize the tools this new world had to offer and to turn them to the service of his people.

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