The American Approach to Foreign Policy

The American Approach to Foreign Policy

The American Approach to Foreign Policy

The American Approach to Foreign Policy


These essays had their origin in a series of lectures delivered at the University of Uppsala under the Gottesman Foundation. I take this occasion to express my deep appreciation of the opportunity afforded me by that Foundation, and the encouragement and sympathetic interest which I met with from Mr. Gottesman himself. I wish also to acknowledge with warmth the friendly reception accorded me by the Rector of the University, Professor Berg, whose hospitality was most cordial.

In assessing the American Secretaries of States, I asked for the opinion of a number of well-known scholars in the field of American diplomatic history. I, therefore, gratefully record the cooperation of Professors T. A. Bailey, Ruhl J. Bartlett, Samuel Flagg Bemis, Richard W. Leopold, Julius W. Pratt, J. Fred Rippy, Louis M. Sears, Graham Stuart, and Arthur P. Whitaker.

I asked Mr. Sumner Welles to give me the benefit of his learning and wide experience with regard to certain passages in chapter VIII, and am grateful for his prompt and cordial assistance.

In the preparation of this book I have used certain materials drawn from my previous writings, and I wish to thank the Yale Review for permission to repeat some paragraphs from an article on The American Attitude towards War , published by the Yale University Press, and to the Oxford University Press for similar permission to quote from my book, The Evolution of American Foreign Policy .

In the preparation of the manuscript for the press, I have had the services of my secretary, Miss Marjorie Gilles, who has been much more than a mere amanuensis. Her intense and critical interest in the project, her devoted service along many different lines, are not to be measured by any form of words.

Rochester, New York.


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